Greetings and Welcome to Fraternity and Sorority Life at American University!

Our community is comprised of fraternity men and sorority women dedicated to a lifetime bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. Our organizations offer the opportunity for men and women to grow as individuals, while experiencing safe and healthy social, philanthropic and academic endeavors.

Fraternity & Sorority Life provides you the following:

  • opportunities for service to the community
  • leadership skills
  • high academic standards for their members
  • a unique and diverse opportunity to seek an experience that will enhance your college career and life beyond your undergraduate experience.

Fraternity & Sorority Community Statistics: (SP2013)

    1753 Current members
    3.30 Spring 2013 Community GPA
    36 Recognized Organizations
    3 Colonies / New organizations

As part of Student Activities, our staff serves as advisors, mentors and educators, providing the foundation for student engagement, leadership development and student-initiated programming in a challenging environment which promotes personal, social, and intellectual growth.